Need For Speed Rivals and NBA 2K14 For Xbox 360 Are Xbox Live Deals of the Week

Need For Speed Rivals is an outstanding racer for both the 360 and Xbox One. Basketball fans have had similar praise for NBA 2K14 as well. I actually haven’t played that, but given that it was good enough to re-kill the NBA Live franchise from EA, it’s a fairly safe statement to make. Sadly, the Xbox One version of Need For Speed Rivals isn’t on sale, and NBA 2K14 is only $50 instead of $60. Given how rapidly sports game drop in price, you’re definitely best waiting for it to be super-cheap in the future if you’ve been able to wait this long to play it. It’s really a shame that the Xbox One versions aren’t also on sale to a large degree, because getting Rivals for the Xbox One at half-off would make it a must-buy. While getting any version for $30 isn’t terrible, it’s clear that the Xbox 360 version isn’t the best version you’ll be able to buy – and snagging it digitally means you can’t resell it down the line if you get an Xbox One.