PlayStation Store Update Goes Live – SoulCalibur F2P Now Available

This week’s PS Store update isn’t one of the biggest, but is still worth paying attention to. Beyond the launch of OCTODAD on the PS4, you can also get Cel Damage HD as the first-ever three-way cross buy. $10 gets you the PS4, PS3, and Vita versions. The SoulCalibur series goes free-to-play with Lost Swords. If you’re like me and are a super-casual fan of the series, that kind of setup is perfect for it. Demon Gaze hits hte Vita for $40, while The Walking Season: Season’s 2’s first episode is available for $5. Putty Squad can be yours on the PS4 or Vita for $25, while Starlight Inception hits the Vita for $23 with a hybrid FPS/third-person shooter/tower defense game.  Pixeljunk Monsters Ultimate HD on the Vita is available for free as a PS+ game. Sales take a lot of Batman games into the $13 range, while Cel Damage HD goes down to $9 for this week. MMA fans can pre-order Bellator’s first Pay-Per-View event for $35 on PSN, making it the first non-UFC MMA PPV available on the service.