Royce Gracie Added to EA Sports UFC Roster

Royce Gracie hasn’t competed inside the Octagon since 2006, but this spring, you’ll be able to use the MMA pioneer in EA Sports UFC. EA announced today that he’ll be available as either a pre-order bonus, or you can unlock him by beating the campaign on Pro difficulty. Royce being added to the roster is fantastic since he’s one of the greatest fighters of all-time. I’m not a huge fan of fighters having to be unlocked in a UFC game though – I would much rather have the entire roster right out of the box, but the inclusion of both Bruce Lee and Royce Gracie as a pre-order characters should help drive sales a bit. Stat-wise, you can expect Bruce Lee to be really fast with powerful strikes, while Royce’s submission rating should be through the roof. EA Sports UFC is due out on June 17, so there’s still enough time for maybe one more legendary roster member. Ken Shamrock would be a pleasant surprise, but given that both Ken and Frank are on the outs with the UFC, that isn’t very likely.