The Walking Dead: Season Two Available Now On PS Vita

The Walking Dead: Season Two is ready to take a bit out of your PS Vita.  After suffering a few delays, the PS Vita versions of Episode 1 – All That Remains and Episode 2 – A House Divided are available now.

Sony and Telltale Games made the announcement last week.  Both episodes will be priced at $4.99, but you can save 20% buy purchasing the Season Pass.  The Season Pass costs $19.99.

The Walking Dead: Season Two takes place after the events of Season One.  Players now play as Clementine after Lee’s death.  Facing new challenges from both the living and the dead, Clementine must forge new alliances and learn the truth about her new allies.  The story continues with Episode 3 – In Harm’s Way in May.

PS Vita owners can go onto the PlayStation Store and purchase both episodes.  Episode 3 will launch alongside the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC versions sometime in May.  Check out the launch trailer below: