No Paper Power for inFamous: Second Son

inFamous: Second Son’s Paper Trail DLC is coming to an end.  The free, episodic-DLC saw Delsin trying to capture Celia, a conduit with Paper Powers.  Seeing as Delsin has the power to absorb the powers of other conduits, many assumed that they’d be getting Paper at the end.  Turns out this isn’t the case.

Sucker Punch has confirmed that, while being cool, there is no Paper Power for Delsin at the end of the DLC.  “Paper Power would have been cool. Creating a new power set requires a lot of time. Hope you enjoy the free content and new bonus items!”  The rewards are Celia’s mask and four custom Delsin jackets.

Reaction to this news has been decidedly mixed.  Looking at the Twitter comments, about half the people seem fine by this.  Others are expressing disappointment at the news.  Currently, there are four powers in the game, including Smoke and Neon.  Sucker Punch hasn’t ruled out adding new powers as DLC.

inFamous: Second Son is out now exclusively on PS4.