Red Orchestra 2 Free on Steam For a Limited Time

If you’re in the mood for some multiplayer FPS action, Tripwire’s got a Steam deal for you. Until 10 AM PST on April 24, you can get Red Orchestra 2’s multiplayer component completely free. The key is to install it within 24 hours – doing so keeps it locked to your account. Red Orchestra 2 is a 2011 release, so it’s not the newest game out there, but for free, it seems worth checking out. Unless you’re completely numb to military FPS gaming, you can’t go wrong at least trying it out, and installing it means you just need to have enough room on your hard drive for it. You don’t even need to play the game to have it forever. This is a nice little bonus from Tripwire, and hopefully it leads to the game having a new lease on life after two and a half years on the market.