Check Out A Full Match of Evolve

Turtle Rock Studios is trying to redefine how we play Co-Op games all over again.  The studio found huge success with Left 4 Dead, and now they’re back with Evolve.  Now, they have released a full multiplayer match for us to lay our eyes on, and it looks like quite an intriguing game.

Evolve takes place on an alien planet.  Four players are put in the role of hunters and must either kill or be killed by a huge monster.  Call the Goliath, Goliath can grow and become stronger by eating other animals.  The gameplay showcased in the match highlights the different character’s and the monster’s unique capabilities.

Players will also have to deal with environment, which plays a large roll in gameplay.  Hostile creatures and plants can attack and kill the hunters.  Wild animals can be killed and eaten to heal the Goliath.  Many of these environmental traps can be seen in the video.

Evolve is out fall 2014 on PS4, Xbox One and PC.  Check out the full multiplayer match below: