Full Controller Support Added to Cloudbuilt

Cloudbuilt was a strong game, but it had a few technical flaws that kept it from greatness. The biggest of those has been remedied today, with full controller support now added to the game. Not only does it now play with all of the controllers supported by Steam, but developer Coilworks have re-worked the button mapping and even added a ‘quick turn’ button to help with those tricky wall jumps.

Other additions in the latest update include:

• Fixed: Only audio devices that are both enabled and pass initialization is added to the audio device list in the options menu.
• When initializing an audio device, its sample rate will be set to the same rate as the game uses.
• Moved mouse sensitivity to the Controller submenu in the Options menu.
• Changed separate mouse sense for X- and Y-axis to a general mouse sense and a Y-axis modifier
• Adjusted S-rank times for My Source and My Regrets