These games are perhaps more well known on the PlayStation 2, and oddly enough instead of getting enhanced ports on the PlayStation 3, they were released for the Xbox 360. Your guess is as good as ours. Here are two MMOJRPGS for the Xbox 360 for those keeping score.



For some, it was shocking when Square Enix announced that Final Fantasy XI is its most profitable game to date back in 2012. But for those of us who were/have been with Final Fantasy XI since the beginning, it’s easy to see why the game is such a wild success. Calling Final Fantasy XI a great MMORPG would be doing it an injustice simply because the game is so much more than its genre. With five expansions under its belt, and six add-on scenarios, Final Fantasy XI has been going strong now for ten years — can you believe it’s been that long alredy? Nonetheless, that’s no small accomplishment, especially when one considers how crowded the genre is. Still, what makes Final Fantasy XI so successful was its ability to buck the MMO trend long before it was even a trend. Square Enix’s first massively multiplayer online role playing game came out before World of Warcraft, but after Everquest. Therefore, it could have fallen in line and offered a Final Fantasy-skinned version of the famed EQ; but it took a different approach insteda — one that hadn’t been mimicked before or after it, really.

Ultimately, Final Fantasy XI is a triumph because it it’s unafraid to make Final Fantasy a multiplayer game, and not an MMO. While we love A Realm Reborn, it doesn’t feel like much of an Final Fantasy game outside of its story and job system; it feels like Warcraft. Final Fantasy XI, however, is a beast all of its own; the kind of game that marches to the beat of its own drum. Its rigid adherence to party-play, death penalties, long leveling times, an emphasis on grinding, methodical combat and implementation of a huge world that was hardly traversable by foot, makes it a game truly for the hardest of the hardcore. And yet, despite how intense it is, it is always a fun — a title that clearly knows still to this day how to make players feel powerful, in control and above all else, accomplished. No small feat, that’s for sure. – Bradly Halestorm



Between the groundbreaking Phantasy Star Online on the Dreamcast and the recent highly praised true sequel Phantasy Star Online 2, the MMORPG series has kept itself afloat with relatively serviceable sequels and expansions that kept only the most dedicated of Phantasy Star purists. Phantasy Star Universe was one such entry, but on top of the MMORPG experience it offered a standalone single player adventure. Fans don’t love the game, but they don’t hate it either.

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