Titanfall Expedition DLC Map Pack Announced

Respawn announced today that the first Titanfall map pack DLC will be out in May. The Expedition map pack features three maps, with War Games being the first one shown off. Pro wrestling fans know War Games as the match beyond, but FPS players will now have a different warzone to do battle in. The official site goes into detail about the structure of the map itself. It’s got a large tower, an airbase, and a garage. It’s a virtual simulation stage filled with glitched out animations that might break the reality of things a bit for a player, but also provide a momentary distraction if needed. The area appears to be built around wallrun chains, and looks like one of the more intriguing maps to play on if you love fast-paced combat.  The first map pack launches in May at $10, although season pass owners can get all three map packs at a savings of $5 assuming they were to buy all of them.