PS4 Firmware Update 1.70 Out Next Week In Europe

The hotly anticipated PS4 Firmware Update 1.70 is almost here.  Sony’s long delayed update to it’s best-selling new console adds in numerous features that fans have been clamoring for.  It launches in Europe on April 30, and should come out around the same time in North America.

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe sent out the Tweet stating that the update would be out April 30, and that more details would arrive in the future.  We’re still waiting for a North American release date, but it shouldn’t be that far off from Europe’s.

Many fan requested features have been implemented into Update 1.70.  The brand new SHAREfactory is a new video editor app that makes it easy to customize your gameplay videos.  They can then be uploaded straight to Facebook or put on a USB device.  With 1.70 installed, players will also be able to pre-load games ahead of release so that you can pick up and play the moment that it releases.

Probably the most important, and most requested feature, is the ability to turn off the HDCP restrictions.  Now you’ll be able to capture gameplay directly from the HDMI port.  This will be a huge sigh of relief to anyone who enjoys creating their own reviews, previews or walkthroughs.

We’ll let you know when a North American release date is confirmed.