E.T. Excavation Ruins Video Game’s Biggest Folktale

The long awaited excavation of the infamous E.T. landfill was a resounding success. Discarded cartridges of what is considered “the worst video game of all time,” have been discovered in New Mexico. For decades now, there has been much speculation as to whether or not the games were ever buried. Now that we know that they’ve been resting undisturbed for quite awhile, what will become of them?

Like anything else considered ancient and classical, E.T. the Extraterrestrial could end up in a museum. Perhaps with the Smithsonian’s video game exhibition, one of the cartridges will look nice next to games like Flower and Halo 2600. It’s a conceivable idea with some potential, but probably wouldn’t be considered art, merely a relic. Just another freak show attraction.

et game

E.T. the Extraterrestrial was one of the reasons for the video game crash of the 80’s, and would not have been a welcome site for many in the years following. Before the massive grave was dug, the story of hundreds of thousands of video game cartridges lying beneath the earth was all talk, and considered by many to be myth or legend. But how will this discovery affect the lore?

Stories, movies and countless mythbusters have all tried their hardest to debunk the rumors. It’s like searching for Area 51; both of which happen to involve aliens and are located in the desert. The story is one of those conspiracies that, for a long time, had no answer. The amount of evidence was lacking and leads ran cold after about ten to fifteen years. If the E.T. game pit was never dug up by an actual excavation crew, we’d still have stories to tell. Much like how Elvis is still alive or that Bigfoot exists, the E.T. blunder would have continued to live on. It would not have been remembered as a terrible game, but rather a timeless legend.

et cartridge
The excavation was filmed by a documentary crew who are creating a movie detailing Atari’s instantly failed title. The movie is called The Grand and is part of Xbox Entertainment Studios. That’s nice for them, they’ll finally receive some closure. But what about another movie about the E.T. games? The Angry Video Game Nerd is currently in production of his film which chronicles the Nerd on an adventure to locate the alien’s burial grounds. What will become of his film? Did he know this would happen or did they totally blindside his efforts?

To many, discovering the pit of games has been an arduous journey which has finally paid off. It brings a terrible chapter of the industry’s history to close. For others, this has brought an end to one of the greatest treasure hunts of modern time. It just won’t be fun anymore. Hopefully, sometime soon a new video game will be so terrible that they sink every copy to the bottom of the of the Mariana Trench and a new generation of seekers emerges.