Daylight Gets a Punishing Trophy List

Considering it has just sixteen trophies, Daylight’s trophy list is pretty rough. About half of them are simply unlocked by completing the game, unlocked at various pivotal points. The rest reward expert players with trophies like “Picture of Health,” which is unlocked for finishing the game without dying, and “Lone Wolf,” acquired by only using one flare during a playthrough. The breakdown includes 13 bronze and 3 silver trophies.

Check out the full list below, which seems to be relatively spoiler-free, and be sure to check back early tomorrow for our review. Daylight will be released tomorrow for Steam and PS4.


Full Circle
Finish the game on any difficulty.

Picture of Health
Finish the game without dying.

Use a glowstick to unveil a secret.


Collect every remnant in a playthrough.
Collect the minimum number of remnants in a playthrough.
Lone Wolf
Finish the game using only a single flare.

No Stone Unturned
Collect every single remnant.

Survive 50 witch attacks.

A Bright Idea
Use a flare to keep a witch away.

Finish the game on Hard difficulty.

Collect the thirteen cursed photos.

Just Like Your Mother…
Confront Dr. Mercer and learn the truth.

Outpatient Procedure
Escape the hospital.

Prison Break
Escape the prison.

Breath of Fresh Air
Escape the sewers.
Out of the Woods
Escape the forest.