Steam Weeklong Deals Begin – Steamworld Dig Only $5

The best part of Monday is seeing what new deals Steam has for the week. This week, you can get Steamworld Dig for only $5, or pick up Worms Clan Wars for $6. Flatout is $2, Flatout 2 can be yours for $2.50, while Flatout 3 is $7.50, and Flatout: Ultimate Carnage is $5. In that same vein, Carnage Racing is also $5.  Enclave is only $1, and Battlefield 2: Complete is $5 with a massive 75% off discount. Puzzler World 1 and 2 are on sale for $1 each, and a pair of Adam’s Venture games are $1.50 each. This is a pretty solid mix of lesser-known stuff mixed in with far more mainstream games, and the mainstream offerings are incredibly easy to recommend for fans of the genre. Flatout’s a blast to play, and if you want to check out the latest entry, spending only $5 isn’t a bad way to do so. Steamworld Dig being only $5 makes it a very easy recommendation for Metroidvania fans who also grew up loving Dig Dug – as it’s a bit of a hybrid of both.