Arcana Heart 3: LOVE MAX!!!!! U.S. Release Confirmed, Detailed

No, we’re not just super excited for Arcana Heart 3 (although we are), “LOVE MAX!!!!!” with a whopping five exclamation points is indeed the subtitle. For an explanation, Aksys — who is localizing the game — states that “deciding that one exclamation point wasn’t enough, we’ve decided to match the intensity of the game by including a total of five!”

Originally released in Japan, Arcana Heart 3 will be released for PS Vita and PS3 this fall. The fully feminine EXAMU/ARC SYSTEM WORKS game features copious combo creations, panoramic pics, beautifully detailed backgrounds and 23 adorable combatants.

Check out all the details and the first English screenshots below:

  • For the particularly masochistic, time-attack mode throws players head first into ten tough fights. A special gold-colored enemy awaits them at the end (we call her “gold gal”).
  • Replays can be saved, viewed, and even received from other players. Share your loveliest victories with friends (or enemies!?).
  • Trial mode puts players through their paces as they plunge into a brutal string of ten fights with 90 possible different mission objectives.
  • Gallery mode can hardly contain all the content you’re going to unlock! There are illustrations aplenty, and “link animations” will bombard you with a level of cuteness the world has never seen.
    (“Link animations” are the animations on the sides of the screen that display your character’s reactions.)
  • Players can experience the joy of hearing the original Japanese audio while reading the text in English.
  • 60 silky frames per second, so you don’t miss any of the action!
  • No matter how gigantic the bosses or special attacks, the dynamic camera system keeps the intense action on screen!