Cosmochoria Wins at Kickstarter, Coming to Wii U

The Cosmochoria Kickstarter is winding to a close with a little over a day left at the time of this writing, and while it didn’t pull in “developer buys tropical island” money it did more than ok for itself.  Five stretch goals have been bested so far, a new updated demo is available to either download or play in-browser, and the Wii U version is confirmed.  That’s a good month for an indie game, and doesn’t even count the over 1100 trees being planted in North Africa as a side effect.

2014 isn’t being a kind year to games on Kickstarter, with many projects that look like they’d have cleared their goals if they’d been posted last year pulling in depressing numbers, so I have to admit to some initial concerns about Cosmochoria seeing success.  Apparently it’s hard to resist being a little naked astronaut flying through space planting trees to bring planets back to life while shooting down the aliens who aren’t quite so thrilled with your clothing-optional eco-activism.  In the meantime there’s still a day left in the campaign, so maybe there’s time to see the next stretch goal of cosmic pets.