Final Fantasy III on OUYA Has Price Slashed to $6.40 in Flash Sale

Yes, $6.40. Not $6 even, but $6.40. While the price may be random, and the game itself is full of random battles, this is an excellent price. Normally, this will set you back $15. Prior sales have taken the price down to $7.50, but never quite down this low…a whole dollar less! This 3D version of Final Fantasy III looks fairly good overall, although there is a distinct PS1 jagginess to the graphics at times. If you loved the game in 2D and are curious about checking out this 3D remake, them there’s not likely going to be a better price point. It’s unlikely to hit the $5 mark, and since there’s no mention of when this sale price ends on the OUYA’s Discover storefront, you’d be wise to act quickly if you want the game.