Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams Devs Return to Kickstarter With DieselStormers

Kickstarter was a godsend for Black Forest Games when they pitched Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams and now they’re using it again for DieselStormers. DS takes place in Ravensdale – a place full of steampunk influences and really extreme color saturation. Unlike Giana’s platforming, this is more of a run and gun game akin to Metal Slug – only with Giana’s graphical style. Beyond just an all-out assault of bullets, lightning, and whatever firepower you have at your disposal, there’s also some platforming mixed in. Crumbling platforms and pits can send you, or your enemies, to their doom.¬† The mission setup features difficulty rankings and lets you know the core objective right away – much like Mercenary Kings. Easier tasks are going to give you less grief, but also yield fewer rewards than tackling on something that might be over your head a bit.

Reward-wise, $1 gets you a thank you, $14 gets you a digital copy of the game, while only $3 more gets you that and early access. $25 gets you all of that plus a digital OST and a digital artbook. This is probably the best overall value because a lot of games would keep these kinds of bonuses locked in the $50 range. Black Forest made an amazing platformer in Twisted Dreams, and based on their pedigree, this should be an excellent game as well. If the concept, its video, and their GIFs amuse you, consider backing it and helping the project get off the ground.¬†They’re already 10% of the way there, so it seems like people are excited about it – and a playable prototype is available as well as a proof of concept.