Indie Developer Simon Roth Claims YouTubers Attempt to Extort Him for Sales Revenue

While the indie boom of the past few years has been great for the industry as a whole, there’s been some suspicious activities going on behind the scenes. We’ve seen things ranging from accusations of gaming outlets requesting indie publishers pay them to review the game to top level YouTube personalities being paid off to do Let’s Play videos. Apparently there is even more going on than we realized, however, as indie developer Simon Roth has leveraged accusations that tie-in to the former issue. Taking to Twitter today, Roth — who developed Maia — stated that he is “Not really a fan on Youtubers asking for a share of sales revenue… :/ When did this become a thing?” before launching into a discussion that shed more light into the concerning tweet.

“Just irksome when they already monetise the videos of your content,” said Roth. “Sure, it’s product placement on a popular show, I’m just not a fan of it. Far too muddy, lacks the distinction.” Roth refused to name names for who was attempting to extort revenue from him, besides hinting that they were from “popular shows.”

Roth made did make it clear that nobody had asked for cash for a video they already remained, but instead wouldn’t produce the video in the first place if they weren’t compensated.

With the prominence of YouTube “stars” growing larger and larger and influencing purchasing decisions of gamers, accusations like this seem all the more common.

Do you have issues with YouTubers asking for money to play an indie game on their show? Sound off below.