Post-Launch DLC Detailed for Watch Dogs

Watch Dogs will be out in less than a month’s time, but Ubisoft is already planning for post-launch DLC. The French company has announced today that there will be a season pass available through XBL, SEN and UPlay next month, giving players access to a bevy of new content as they roll out over time.

For $19.99, players will receive a new single-player campaign that centers around the eccentric hacker T-Bone. There will also be an additional set of Digital Trip missions where, after you take the digital drug, you are tasked with hunting down cyborgs. Past that, there will also be new outfits, such as classic 1920s Chicago mobster clothing, a larger arsenal of weapons and even more single player missions for Aiden.

Most importantly, Season Pass owners will receive all this add-on content a week early before those who buy it separately (which will run you an extra five dollars if you decide to do so). Watch Dogs will be available for PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC on May 27.