WWE Network App Launches on Xbox One

Two months ago, the WWE Network launched as an app for the PS3, Xbox 360, and PS4. Each version of the app had its pros and cons, with the 360’s app not even being functional for quite some time. The PS3 version had more features, while the PS4 version launched without a search function. The Xbox One app took a while to get going, but the stream quality is pristine. It’s also got by far the best layout of the bunch. Every section loads really quickly, although there has been a change in things. On the other platforms, you can select PPV shows by their name and then scroll through the year. On the Xbox One, you scroll through the year and have to find each event within that year. While this is handy if you want to say blaze through 1993’s WWF shows, it does make going on a Royal Rumble binge a little tougher. Still, the wait was definitely worth it for Xbox One owners. The video quality is far better than on the 360’s, and after checking the stream for a few minutes, there were no issues with heavy pixellation or buffering.