Axiom Verge Targets PS4 and Vita Release

It’s funny how some of the coolest upcoming games look like they were pulled right of the NES/SNES era. Case in point, a sidescrolling action game by the name of Axiom Verge was announced for PS4 and Vita launch today. Via the PlayStation Blog, developer Thomas Happ Games shared some details.

Axiom Verge is a Metroidvania style game, which means there is tons of exploration to be had. However, there is also a “glitch” system in place to change up that classic formula. Purposeful glitches allow the player to access areas that they otherwise would never be able to enter.

The game has been in production for over four years and you can tell thanks to the gorgeous sprite art. Axiom Verge will be out in early 2015 for PS4, Vita, and PC.