Chariot Announced for PS4

The PS4 has seen a ton of indie support in just a small amount of time. Those with bustling Steam accounts may have found the lack of new titles disappointing, though. Today Frima Studio shared a post with the PS Blog about a brand new PS4 platformer named Chariot. Touted as a couch co-op game, players are expected to work together to explore underground caves while dragging a chariot along with them.

What’s up with the chariot? The storyline tells that a princess has to take the late king’s remains to be buried. Her chariot-pulling partner also happens to be her fiance. The weird concept leads to physics-based puzzles alongside platforming action.

Chariot is all about couch co-op play, although it can also be played in single player mode. There is currently no word about online co-op functionality. Frima Studio hopes to release Chariot this Fall.