Mass Effect 4 “Somewhere In The Middle” Of Development

BioWare has revealed what stage of development Mass Effect 4 is in.  Speaking with a fan on TwitterBioWare Montreal studio director Yanick Roy revealed that development is progressing well on the next entry in the Mass Effect franchise.  According to him, the game is somewhere in the middle of the development process.

The fan asked, “how far along is the next mass effect, I’ve read some reports saying early stages development and some saying late stages :P.”  He replied, “Too late for one, too early for the other… So I guess we’re somewhere in the middle? :-).”

Mass Effect 4 is the fourth main entry in the Mass Effect franchise.  Though it will continue the story following the events of Mass Effect 3, it will not involve Commander Shepard.  Not much else is known about the game, including the title.  Mass Effect 4 might not be the final name of the game.

It’s still too early to say when we might get our first look at the game, but maybe we’ll get a teaser at E3 2014.