Playcast Cloud Gaming Service Tests the Water With OUYA

The original appeal of OnLive, and other cloud-based gaming services was to play higher-end games than your PC could handle. This was achieved by having the company’s machines do the heavy lifting, while you were left essentially playing a streamed version. This could result in a lot of pixellation, but when the concept works perfect, you wind up having a higher-end version of a game playing than your regular system could handle. The OnLive microconsole had that same kind of appeal, as a $100 console was technically capable of playing high-end PC stuff. Now, the OUYA has Playcast in a trial form with two games available. The actual section for them is a tad misleading as it doesn’t really give you much info and it shows off the Steam screens for the games, but people have reported that it just streams these two games in full.

The trials will be available for two week, and in a somewhat surprising move, even the button prompts use the OUYA button names. The service requires a wired internet connection for the OUYA and playback will depend on your location. I’m in the Washington DC area and they apparently don’t have a setup for people in my area to play, which is a bit disappointing. While I’m not a huge Splinter Cell or LEGO series fan, they’d be fun to try out for the OUYA. Both games are free to try right now, but after the trial ends and the service launches properly for the system, there will be a $10 monthly charge – similar to the playback pack for OnLive.