PS4 System Update 1.70 Goes Live

The biggest firmware update for the system is finally available. The PS4 has been out for about six months now, and in that time, people have wanted the HDCP encryption taken away for games – well, now it is. The new ShareFactory app is available and has an option to disable that for gameplay only. ShareFactory has a great many uses outside of that though. You can use it to set up automatic pre-downloads of pre-ordered games. You’re also able to export your screenshots and videos via a thumb drive. Livestreaming on Twitch and UStream have gotten upgrades to 720p, and can now be archived. New functionality is available for the Share feature, such as changing the default recording time and selecting exactly what gameplay clips and screens you would like to share instead of all of them.  The Dual Shock 4 gets some upgrades with this firmware too.

You can select from a variety of brightness settings on the lightbar, with dim allowing you to save a lot on battery life and still be seen by the PS Camera. The touchpad now allows you to navigate the on-screen keyboard, making for a slightly more organic solution. Trophies can be sorted by rarity, and PayPal can now be used for PSN purchases. Those with the PS Camera can now activate every app installed on the system using your voice, giving it one of the better Kinect features. PS Plus users get a special + icon next to their SEN ID, and Music Unlimited users can now share their favorite songs with friends using the Share button. This update doesn’t take long to download, and gives you a lot more options than you previously had if you’re a fan of sharing your gaming sessions with the world.