G.Rev’s Armored Hunter Gunhound EX Gets an Official English Release

So this came out of nowhere.  Armored Hunter Gunhound was originally a doujin PC game that got an upgrade via G.Rev to PC and PSP, with adjusted level layouts, boss difficulty, and even a couple of new levels.  The game itself played like a version of the Genesis classic Assault Suit Leynos/Target Earth, and that’s always an influence  worth getting interested over.  Unfortunately it was also Japan-only, easy to import and not hard to figure out but still with a language barrier locking out the storyline.  As of today, at least on PC, that little problem is finally taken care of.

At the moment Gunhound EX is only available on Playism’s site, but that won’t last too long with the Steam release following within a day.  The Playism site gets you a DRM-free version in addition to the Steam key, though, which is always a nice bonus.  Whichever version catches your fancy, however, you’ll still get to tromp through 2D levels as a giant battle robot to a soundtrack by Thunderforce composer Hyakutaro Tsukumo.  If there’s a better reason to want a game I have yet to hear what it could be.