‘The Best Call Of Duty Game Ever Created’ Will Be Revealed May 4

Developers like to talk all kinds of bull about their game, usually inflating some unrealistic expectations in the process. Peter Molyneux anyone? Go ahead and do a quick Google search of his name. I guarantee “lies” is one of the first suggestions that pops up. With that said, not every game company is out to disappoint an entire fan base. Take Sledgehammer Games, the folks behind Modern Warfare 3, for example. They’re currently developing the latest in the famed FPS series, and have stated that it’s the “most creative game [they’ve] ever made.”

Sledgehammer’s parent company, Activision, has also called the newest title the “best Call of Duty game ever created.” Additional comments include “most ambitious,” and “amazing.”

The company launched a new teaser site for the game, featuring a countdown clock that ends on May 4. We’ve heard rumors of mechsuits, future-soldiers, proper current console commitment and more. Is there validity to the comments made by both companies involved in Call of Duty’s latest romp? Maybe, but I’ll personally be keeping my heart on a string for the time being. For now, there’s nothing to do but wait for the reveal. Here’s hoping it follows in Call of Duty Black Ops 2’s footsteps.

Check out the teaser site, and enjoy yourself some flickering madness.