The Elder Scrolls Online Update 1 Adds Craglorn Adventure Zone

Zenimax Online Studios has announced Update 1 for The Elder Scrolls Online.  The update adds Craglorn, the first Adventure Zone Map for Veteran Rank 1 and above characters alongside new features, item balancing and polishing.

Here is a list of all the changes made in Update 1:

  • Craglorn, the first Adventure Zone, specifically created for groups of Veteran Rank 1 and above characters
  • Trials, which are 12-player “raid”-type instances for Veteran Rank characters, featuring completion time leaderboards
  • Death recap: you can now see who killed you and what ability they were using. This is invaluable information in dungeons, PvP, and Craglorn
  • Underdog bonuses in Cyrodiil—you’ll get more Alliance Points while fighting for an alliance with a lower population in your campaign
  • Animation tweaks and polish
  • Combat ability balance changes and fixes
  • Class ability tweaks and updates
  • Content bug fixes, especially edge cases where quests could become de-synced

This is just the beginning.  Zenimax Online Studios has noted on their blog that more changes will be made as the studio continues testing.

There’s also a section on the blog detailing future updates.  Some of these include Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood storyline and quests, a justice system, spellcrafting, horse racing and much, much more.

The Elder Scrolls Online is out now on PC.  The game hits PS4 and Xbox One June 30.