Reicast – Dreamcast Emulator Released on the OUYA

Reicast has been sideloaded by OUYA owners for a while now, but with mixed results. Due to the program not being fully-optimized for the platform, some games have had more issues than they should. Now, the program has been officially released on the OUYA and should run far better. Getting the program to work does require a bit more tinkering than your average emulator on the system though, so we haven’t been able to check it out just yet. The Dreamcast is now the most modern console supported through emulators found on the OUYA storefront, and since the OUYA controller is actually far more comfortable than the Dreamcast pad (seriously folks, try actually playing a DC game with that pad now), it could easily result in some games being a bit more fun since you don’t have the d-pad digging into your thumb. As long as everything goes well getting this thing up and running, we’ll be doing some stuff with the emulator in video form later – perhaps in tutorial form.