Slay Blood Thirsty Demons in Hellraid

By now, we’ve all experienced the thrilling achievement of becoming Dragonborn warriors in The Elder Scrolls V : Skyrim, but the creative game developers of TechLand have brought up a new question today, one that aims to meet the fancy of avid gamers of role-playing, dungeon exploring and monster slaying: are we now ready to become hardened demon slayers?

While the class of a demon slayer may have already been conquered in other titles such as the Devil May Cry series, TechLand’s newly announced Hellraid offers a more violent, bloody carnage filled expansion to the ever-trying role. Hellraid looks to go far beyond the call of duty, improving on what feels familiar to Skyrim fans and also pushing the envelope on what was previously limited.


By way of Chrome Engine 6, Hellraid looks visually hellish, a captivating attribute that speaks to fans of medieval artwork and movies such as Lord of the Rings. It’s a brooding, dark game that allows players to forge their own path by first creating a character with equipment obtained by starting the game and by picking up random loot from your mostly undead enemies. Skeleton Crossbowmen, Bloodhunters and Torturers are practically everywhere when you venturing out on your journey, but they are among the many different type of ghastly enemies that your fighter will be battling against along the way. Fortunately, players will be able to update their abilities using a skill tree. The great thing about your character is that they will not be subject to conform to a particular class and a set of mandatory abilities that pertain to them, which is great considering that players can now create a striker who’s brute force matches the strength and power of their magic. In Hellraid, you are guaranteed to make your demon slayer play the way you want them to.


The amount of weapons in the game seem to borderline Borderland’s arsenal count, as you can either obtain them through blacksmith shops or equip a weapon that an enemy used in attempt to slice you down to oblivion. Every weapon has its own fight style, from the slow but deadly cuts of a two handed sword to mythical wands. Compared to Skyrim, the combat looks much more fierce, fast and fashionably violent, showing promise to the overall gameplay.

TechLand also takes replayability into account when constructing Hellraid, as there will be plenty of different modes in the game. In addition to the Story mode, there will also be a mission mode in which players max out levels and attain some high number of points in order to compete against the world via leaderboard.  Finally, it has a hoard mode, dubbed as Arena mode.

There’s no doubt that this Dark Souls-Elder Scrolls compound is an upgrade from both of the aforementioned titles. Hellraid looks to be a promising adventure, especially when you throw in the option to play through the game with your friends. Four player co-op doesn’t sound half bad. The game is still in development, which is unlucky for some of us who are really bad at waiting for top notch games like these to hit store shelves. Hellraid is set to release on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Check out the awesome trailer below: