Playing with TOMY’s Pokémon X and Y Toys

I was tasked with a very important assignment, one that very few people my age would wish to accept without looking like a fool — to play with some new Pokémon figures and novelties. I’ve written plenty about Pokémon, it’s mainly what I do here, but I’ve also written a bit about toys and on what children tend to enjoy from today’s video games. I’ve also spent plenty of time within the last three years playing with a variety of toys such as ponies, Polly Pocket, LEGO and more. So, why not give me this particular assignment?


The most notable item I received in this bundle of toys was a pair of Pokémon Trainer Gloves. Meant to resemble Ash Ketchum’s from the anime, they come with built-in sound effects to make it sound like there’s an actual battle taking place. It’s a great gift for those with active imaginations. I fondly remember wearing Power Ranger action gloves as a child — the red ones, of course. They immediately sent me back some years, helping me reconnect with my childhood.



A couple of other toys that arrived were a variety of 2″ TOMY figures. Chances are, if you’ve had any sort of Pokémon toy back in the day, it was made by TOMY. TOMY has been distributing these toys since the Pokémon phenomenon in the late 90’s, and are still producing new figures and sets to this day. The details have always been spot-on throughout each generation, accurately depicting your favorite characters using high-quality molds and paint jobs.
Pleasantly, the X and Y generation is the first time these TOMY Pokémon figures have a matte finish. Compared to the 90’s glossy, airbrushed versions, the new characters have a modern and clean look. The literal pocket-sized monsters I received include Litleo, Mewtwo, Wobbuffet, Noivern and the ever popular Jolteon and Umbreon. They are very solid toys that are fit for any kid or collector. Speaking of collections, TOMY figures are the go-to staple for adult collectors, too. TOMY even released a line called Pokémon Trainer’s Choice, targeting adults by boxing them in classy packaging and including an acrylic case with each figure. It’s clear that TOMY knows what Pokémon fans want.


And of course, what Pokémon haul would be complete without Pikachu? The “unofficially official” mascot to the franchise came to me in form of a plush toy. It’s small, but awfully adorable. To be fair, you can’t really go wrong with Pikachu. Sure, he may not be everybody’s favorite, but he certainly became the face of the game, show and everything in between. Visit the TOMY website or any Toys R Us store to view the rest of the X and Y products. You could also try Target, Walmart and Nintendo World to expand your search. This is just a slice of the current wave of toys, with plenty more to come.