Ravensword: Shadowlands Gets 50% Off Sale on OUYA

Ravensword: Shadowlands carved a niche out for itself on the mobile market as a game that aspired to bring a Skyrim-level experience on the go. While it’s unrealistic to expect that lofty goal to be achieved completely, the end game did receive plenty of acclaim. Now, the lone console version of it – for the OUYA, has been discounted with a limited-time 50% off sale. This takes the price down to a lean $5 – $2 cheaper than the current price of the game on the Google Play store. If you’ve got an OUYA and a thirst for some fantasy-RPG action, then give this deal a shot. Sadly, there’s no free version of the app available anymore. Like Towerfall before it, the game is now a pay-only affair.