Indie Gala Tiny Mix Bundle Released

It’d kind of odd for a new bundle to come out over the weekend, but here we are. The Tiny Mix bundle offers up a lot of stuff for a fair price. For $1, you can get Sylvia – Act 1, Hexcells Plus, and Postal. $5 gets you Poof, ANGVIK, Beyond: Lord of Twilight, Ethan: Meteor Hunter, Gravi, Truck Racer, and Grimind.  Getting the $5 tier also entitles you to getting any bonus games added to the bundle as well. Grimind and Ethan look pretty solid, so if you’re in the mood for some platforming, you might want to get this bundle just for those games. Postal’s always a fun romp as well, even if it is completely antiquated in 2014. Everything in this bundle unlocks on Steam, so if you’d like your pile of digital shame to reach triple digits easily, bundles like this are a good way to do that.