Super Pixalo Coming to OUYA on May 20 – Only $3 For Launch Week

Super Pixalo is coming to the OUYA in 15 days. On May 20, the system gets yet another highly-anticipated game – and at a heavy discount. For the first week, you’ll be able to purchase the complete game for a mere $3 thanks to a 40% early bird sale. Early adopters are used to either being used as beta testers now, or getting 10% off, so getting 40% off so early is a fantastic way to encourage people to check the game out. The original launch was planned for May 15, but held it off for five days in order to get the discounted price up for launch. A little campaign will be launched by its developer Phil Royer to hype it up and ensure it does as well as it possibly can. The game itself is a fast-paced platformer with 124 levels that has a bit more heart to it than you might expect. As Pixalo, you’ll go through 50 years of pop culture as he finds himself via some self-discovery. As you can see from the trailer, it’s got some precision-platforming and a kick-ass soundtrack. Hopefully, this game gains some Super Meat Boy-esque traction, because it looks like a lot of fun and definitely something we’ll be covering in the future.