The Last of Us Gets a New DLC Trailer

The final DLC pack for The Last of Us received an official trailer today. The latest drop will cap off nearly a year of downloadable content, including the Reclaimed Territories map pack, Professional Survival Skills Bundle, Situational Survival Skills Bundle, Survivalist Skills Bundle, and a new Grounded single-player difficulty setting.

Reclaimed Territories includes four new maps: Water Tower (which looks a lot like the area that the campaign’s iconic sniper scene took place in), the snowy Coal Mine, the broken-down shipping yard Wharf, and the urban Capitol. All of these maps look like various sections of the campaign, so those with serious love for the game will be in store for a treat.

A double-barreled shotgun, a submachine gun known as the Specter, and the Enforcer pistol cap off the new weapons included in the DLC pack. The new skills granted to players include Bomb Expert, Agility, Awareness, Scavenger, Gunslinger, Executioner, and Damage Marker.

Naughty Dog will be streaming DLC gameplay live at 12:00 PM PDT on its official Twitch Channel, so if you want a sneak peak at The Last of Us‘ new DLC, head on over!