Humble Store Celebrates Spring With Flash Sales

The Humble Store is celebrating spring with a ton of flash sales amid regular deals. South Park: The Stick of Truth can be yours for $40, while Broken Age is $15, Thief is $15, both seasons of The Walking Dead can be yours for $22, and the Sonic Hits Collection is $7.50.  Towerfall Ascension and Midhogg, two multiplayer-centric games are down to $12 and $10 respectively while Trine is only $1. Flash sales take Octodad down to $7.50 until about 3 AM EST on Wednesday morning, while Batman Arkham: Origins can be yours for $7.50 until about 9 PM EST Tuesday. Towerfall is an amazing little game that definitely brings couch multiplayer back, although the savings aren’t deep enough to make it a blind buy just yet. The Sonic Hits Collection is a solid value with a lot of games for a really small amount of money.