Moon Chronicles Release Date and Pricing to Be Revealed on May 9?

The last we heard from Moon Chronicles — the remake/sequel to 2009’s under-loved DS FPS — was in the form of a debut trailer in February. Now it looks like the game is due for an overdue info dump, as Renegade Kid director Jools Watsham has tweeted “We’ll have some stellar news for you this Friday, May 9th, 2014. Stay tuned!” before changing his Twitter header to a promotional image of Moon Chronicles and stating “I have changed my twitter header image. I wonder why that would be?” Of course, this clearly signals that a Moon Chronicles announcement will be made on May 9 and given that the game has already been revealed, likely all it could be is a release date and price announcement.

We’ve been awaiting the game since the beginning of this year, so hopefully its release will be right around the corner. Make sure to check back Friday for the full reveal.