PS Vita God of War Collection Launch Trailer Is Beautifully Violent

Oh, God of War. A series best known for it’s bending of mythological tales, twisting the very fabric of folklore, melding glorious beliefs with an additional layer of ultra-violence. Not just any, either. It’s head-removing, Minotaur-slashing, father-destroying, ultra-violence.  And it’s beautiful, too, especially when you can carry it around in your pocket, pulling it out from time to time for a quick session of murderous bliss.

With the PlayStation Vita currently lacking in must-have titles — at least as of late — it’s actually quite promising that Sony decided to port the first two entries in the series. Perhaps this is an indication that we’ll see another handheld exclusive down the road. As stated in our review, “it is an outstanding way to experience an iconic series on the go.”

Watch the launch trailer below, and enjoy watching your mind brain melt into soupy remains.