Candy Crush Creators Double Revenue, Trouble For Humanity Afoot

King’s downloadable titles have always pandered to the lowest tier of gamer. You know the type: hair slicked back, naive attitude, chatting up a gal named Cherry at the movies. Wait, that’s a scene from The Outsiders. More importantly, King has been quite successful at pulling in and, after dropping a carefully implemented pay-wall bomb, trapping innocent gamer’s with all sorts of saga’s and sorcery.

Reportedly, their methods have been working up to snuff. According to King, over 143 million users are jumping into one of their games each day. This, of course, is not surprising considering their titles’ placement on the charts (3 of which are in the top 10). And also their ridiculously frequent commercials. And banners. And a bunch of other forms of advertisement that only a company with a reported revenue of $606.7 million in the first quarter of 2014 alone could afford.

Like my segue? I did.

All of these numbers are quite impressive, especially considering it’s a 195 percent increase from 2013 — an almost unheard of climb on the success pyramid. Most surprising, perhaps, is that Candy Crush is no longer the leading lady in their lovely lineup. The addictive match-three is down to 67 percent from last year’s 78, making it second in command in King’s army of apps. The prize for attracting most newcomers to their roster of games actually goes to Farm Heroes Saga, a game that released in January and has a title that suggests that it’s about saving the world from evil crops (it’s not).

Naturally, King has no plans of slowing down. And why would they? CEO Riccardo Zacconi stated, “with the massive reach of our player network, our existing portfolio of highly engaging games, and our development plan for additional games well underway, we are well-positioned for gross bookings growth and diversification in 2014.”

Expect more King games to be announced in the following months.