DriveClub PS+ Edition Explained

When DriveClub was announced last year as a launch title for the PS4, everyone was excited. It was not only the first next generation racing title, but it was going to be one of the first games to receive an exclusive PlayStation Plus edition. Unfortunately, weeks before release, DriveClub was delayed into the next year, hopefully polishing up the gameplay and adding a bevy of new features.

Evolution Software has laid out their plans for the PlayStation Plus version of DriveClub, giving gamers the choice to play one fifth the amount of content before deciding if they want the entire thing. The PlayStation Plus edition comes with all the game modes, but only a 10 cars, 11 tracks and one location (India) to pick from. If you want the full experience, you can unlock the entire game with a $49.99 purchase through the PlayStation Store, carrying over all club points and trophies earned. DriveClub will be out October 7 exclusively on the PS4.