EA And Respawn Partnering For “New Titanfall Experiences,” First Game Sells Nearly 1 Million Copies

EA has confirmed that Titanfall has been a huge success on Xbox One and PC.  As part of their earnings report, the company highlighted that Respawn Entertainment’s FPS has sold 925,000 copies on Xbox One and PC.  The earnings report only covers up to March 31, 2014, which is why the Xbox 360 version is not factored in.  Titanfall did not launch on Xbox 360 until April.  The sales data is from the NPD, which only accounts for retail sales.  Total sales could be higher if digital sales were factored in.

Furthermore, EA revealed that they will once again be teaming up with Respawn Entertainment for more Titanfall.  “Through a new agreement with Vince Zampella and Respawn,” EA CEO Andrew Wilson said, “we’ll be able to bring new Titanfall experiences to players worldwide,” EA CEO Andrew Wilson stated.  He did not clarify whether he was talking about the inevitable Titanfall 2, but we can kind of guess that EA really wants a sequel to Titanfall to happen sooner than later.  

Titanfall is available now on Xbox One, PC and Xbox 360.  The Expedition Map Pack, the first of three Map Packs, is out sometime this month.