Here are the Characters of Watch Dogs

The release of the highly anticipated Watch Dogs is just over two weeks away, but we still don’t know a lot about the characters that generate the story. While each citizen that populates Chicago will get their own background information, there are only a handful that Aiden Pierce will come across.

In a city of 3 million people, Watch Dogs highlights only five individuals, each with their own unique participation towards the story. Clara Lille is an expert hacker wildcard, T-Bone Grady is a whacked-out genius,  Jordi Chin is an unknown professional with a hidden background, Anthony “Iraq” Wade is former army with gang ties, and Dermot “Lucky” Quinn is a 75-year old crime lord.

There’s certainly a lot of variety when it comes to characters, so lets hope it’s the same with the rest of the game. Watch Dogs will be available on PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC May 27.