Indie Game Stand “Staff Picks” Sale Begins

From now until Monday at midnight into Tuesday, you can get a slew of great games for a greatly-reduced price at Indie Game Stand. Six games are on sale, including Gnomoria, Teslagrad, QuestRun, TRI, Sky Nations, and Vox. Gnomoria’s down to $5, while Teslagrad is $7, QuestRun is $4.50, TRI is $5, Sky Nations is $2.50, and Vox is $5.

Everything but TRI and Sky Nations activate on Steam, and everything here activates on Desura except for Sky Nations — which is only offered up as a Windows download. TRI looks like the best blind buy here, with a stunning art style and interesting first-person puzzle-adventure gameplay. If you haven’t picked up QuestRun in this week’s Steam sale, then this is a good way to do it. Teslagrad has gotten a lot of traction recently, so its price being slashed like this is a surprise. Everything on here definitely seems worthy of a pickup — so take a chance on something and have some fun!