Indie Royale Bundle With Cheese Bundle Released

The Indie Royale bundle is back with a deal that is friendly to those who are lactose intolerant. The current minimum of around $5 gets you Continue?9876543210, Cognition Episode 3: The Oracle, Yelaxot, Rogue’s Tale, and Too Many Me. Continue puts you in the role of a failed gaming character who is trying to gain some solace in his own demise. It’s got a highly-shaded pixel look like 3D Dot Game Heroes, and looks really fun. The Oracle is a murder mystery, so if you’re in the mood for that, it’ll be worth a look. Yalexot is a 2D adventure with a stunning art style, so if you want a really unique platformer, give this a shot. Rogue’s Tale has a pseudo-16 bit look to it, and is a turn-based dungeon crawler. Too many me is a runner that lets you clone your character as you go – so thing of the Super Mario 3D World cloning setup and you have a good idea of what to expect. You still need to have as many characters to make it through, so if you love runners and a good challenge, this will be worth buying. Everything on here activates on Desura, with a few of them also activating on Steam as well. Everything on here looks solid, so if anything looks interesting, pick it up.