TxK Confirmed for PS4

TxK was fantastic on Vita, and it’s been known since the game was announced that PC and Mac versions would follow a few months later, but that was initially the complete release plan.  At the Play Blackpool gaming expo last weekend, however, Llamsoft was out in full force with not only the Minotaur Rescue VR (free mini-game designed for Oculus Rift but fully playable on PC if you hit the P key to change from dual-vision to regular, download here) but also TxK on PS4.  Likely as it seemed that TxK would make the jump, this was its official unveiling.

Details beyond “coming soon on PS4” are scarce at the moment, but what is known is that it’ll be available before year’s end, and it’s going to be “a bit more”.  How much more “a bit” will be is anyone’s guess, but everything from the Vita version will make it and then…?  Let the rampant speculation begin!  It could be anything, really, and whether that includes cross-buy with the Vita version or not is yet another unanswered question.  The important thing is that the PS4 version exists in playable form despite a lot of work left to go, and having TxK’s neon electric pseudo-vectors pulsing across the big screen at 60FPS should be nothing short of arcade heaven.