Xbox One on Sale via eBay For $380

If you’ve held off on the Xbox One, then eBay‘s got a great pre-E3 deal for you. They’re selling refurbished Xbox One consoles for $380 – a $120 savings compared to buying the system new. This deal gets you the system, the Kinect, and a controller – but no games. However, a lot of the launch-era stuff is in the $20 range now and you’ve still got the free-to-play Killer Instinct to try out the minute you get the system. Gold members can also enjoy Xbox Fitness, and everyone who digs that might also enjoy Kinect Sports Rivals. It’s easily the best-playing entry in the series so far. While it being refurbished is a little worrisome, given the level of savings involved, I’d say that if you’re curious about the system, this is the best way to get it unless there’s some price drop/crazy bundle announcement at E3 – which is impossible to predict.