Borderlands 2 Plagued With Game-Breaking Bugs on PS Vita

Borderlands 2 is a key title for the PS Vita.  It is supposed to serve as proof that console quality games can be ported to the handheld, and prove that Third-Party titles can succeed on the platform.  We’ve been working hard to bring you a review of Borderlands 2, but at the moment it isn’t possible.  Borderlands 2 is currently plagued with game-breaking bugs that have hindered our progress through the game.

One nasty bug in the Bloodshot Stronghold is mostly to blame.  When trying to pass a certain hallway in the area, the audio cuts out.  After a few seconds the game permanently freezes.  The only way out is to press the PS Button, and end the game.  This isn’t a save file corruption, and nothing went wrong during the installation.  To make sure, I started new games and reinstalled the game, but nothing worked.

It isn’t just us having issues with the game.  Players on both NeoGaf and Gamefaqs have begun compiling lists of different bugs and crashes that have plagued them.  Some of these errors, the C2-12828-1 error and the game crashes on Three Horn to be precise, I have also suffered.

So, what does all of this mean?  We are reaching out to Sony about these issues and whether the game will be patched in time for the standalone launch on May 13 (the game is already available as part of the PS Vita Slim bundle).  Hopefully they can enlighten us on these troubling issues.

With that said, whether the game is patched or not, our review of the game will go up on May 13 when the game launches.  It is not fair to you, the consumer, to go and purchase a game that is in as broken of a state as Borderlands 2 is.  We strive to make sure that you are not left in the dark on issues such as these and our review will reflect the state of the game at launch.  We sincerely hope Sony can fix these problems soon.

[UPDATE 5/11 1:28 PM PDT]

A workaround has been found for the Bloodshot Stronghold bug that causes the game to permanently freeze.  A GameFaqs member figured out that if you stand completely still while the game attempts to auto-save, the game will not freeze. I attempted this with my Psycho and Commando characters, and both were able to pass after a small wait.

This will only happen in the Bloodshot Stronghold near the second respawn machine.  Below is a photo of the game frozen near the respawn point:

Broderlands 2 Bloodshot Stronghold Bug
We are working with Sony on finding a fix for the issue.

When our review goes up, the game will be judged on all of its merits including gameplay, story, design and presentation.

  • nonscpo

    Dammmmmmm…I thought that Borderlands 2 would have issues at launch, I figured there’d be inconsistent framrate drops. But Game breaking bugs? So glad I didn’t pre-order this game. Should look into other games this month like Soul Sacrifice Delta, then again I could always wait till next month and pick up another game.

    • Jibbex

      Not seen any of these issues yet, so far just really impressive.

  • Bryson

    I haven’t had a single game breaking issue so far in all of my 10 hours of gameplay but I also don’t have any dlc expansions downloaded except Gaige and Kreig and the ultimate vault hunter dlc, so maybe you guys should look into seeing if it’s a problem with the DLC

  • hypoallergenic chie

    Despite whatt my post on neogaf the article links to says, I adore this port.

    • HGNet

      We’re having our own internal issues as stated in the article and used your post as evidence that it is not an isolated incident.

      Also, we also are enjoying the game besides these issues. If we weren’t, we wouldn’t be so concerned with holding off on our review.

      • Jibbex

        Extremely impressed with how well this port has run, haven’t run into any of the glitches you guys are talking about yet.

        Like an 8.7 for me.

  • Gaffering

    Send the to Gio Corsi and Iron Galaxy Studios via Twitter, these guys listen and will help you with most anything.

    • Eric Woodley

      More Gio Corsi than Iron Galaxy, the general gist of IG’s responses is that it’s entirely up to Sony and Gio Corsi has been said to be taking a wait and see approach with the game.

    • Jibbex

      Gio is the man, he reads everything regardless of if he responds.

  • Guest

    It’s on another failing Sony product. What did people expect?

    • Craig Martin

      Ok so what’s the second Sony failing product? The psp? Make it sound like only Sony is the console manufacturer losing money. M$ has lost 4 billion a year since starting in the console business…and for a console port I can play in my hands(I have experienced zero crashes at 18 hours and 2 characters) I’ll take a dip in frame rates. X1 can’t even run games smoothly. Dead rising 2 dips to 22fps and broke my friends xbox one when I TRIED to pass the hour mark

      • BigDickKaman

        lol why even bring up X1? clearly shows ur a fanboy

        • Craig Martin

          Clearly…that’s why I have a 60 thousand gamer score, Nintendo is losing massive amounts too and only makes money off of pokemon. And it figures the first time I read about crashes I go to play and it crashes twice in 10 minutes…yes…huge fanboy. Like when Sony told us all “Next gen starts when we say” and they threw us composite cables with the ps3. 600 wasn’t enough we needed 70 bucks for component cables if we didn’t have hdmi. My ps3 was a paper weight almost all last gen. Clearly…fanboy….I went through 8 RROD, a 360 that was never shipped back which spawned a 3 month investigation and I was offered KAMEO…ya the launch title. After they announced xbox 1 and told me I HAVE to buy kinect. And they told us if we don’t have an Internet connection keep the 360?! This is a “what have you done for me lately” industry. And all microsoft/nintendo has done is alienated all the people who supported them. Neither of them has done shit for their fans. And I WILL NOT pay 500 dollars to flail around my living room like I’m having a seizure and hope kinect recognizes my east coast accent. Inferior hardware, shit customer service, and people put blinders over their eyes. But God forbid a port goes wrong for Sony…personally if I were randy pitchford NO ONE would ever touch borderlands except gearbox. After Duke nukem (which they should have scrapped the first second it was dumped into their hands) and colonial marines they can ill afford to make many more mistakes

  • bettergetdave

    I got it last week, first time vita owner by the way. It crashed on me once in about 4 hours worth of playing so far. I noticed some enemies seem to get lost in the landscape or stand idol while I shoot them. Other than that no issues. I will say the button layout is tough though, it is hard to adjust to for sure. I keep hitting melee on accident.

    • Jibbex

      Button thing is the only issue I had so far. Sugeest you tweet at Iron Galexy and ask they for an option to put all 4 touch buttons on the front screen.

    • nonscpo

      Cool welcome to the Vita side, out of curiosity did you pick up any other games as well or not sure yet what games to pick up?

      • sephirothpower

        dragon crown isnt too bad to aquired is funny 🙂

  • oodlesofnudl

    about 6 hours deep and have only had one glitfh that forced me to reset my game. Frame rate stutters a bit and monsters sometimes get stuk but its not nearly as bad as its made iout to be

  • novurdim

    So, are you just going to lower the score because of that? Bugs are not permanent, but your review is, it will be unfair to the game after a month has passed and issues’ve been fixed. This article is more than enough to let ppl know about these bugs.

    • Aaron K Stone

      They’re reviewing the game for what it launches as.

  • Kinda weird how all these reports are going in and I have yet to encounter any of them in the game.

    • Jibbex

      Funny me neither.

  • Reeses

    The biggest issue is the poor frame rate and to be honest 2 hours in it’s still a little weird playing it on Handheld rather then PC monitor. It feels like the screen is too small. Everything else is perfect.

    • Craig Martin

      They scale everything down exactly…its starting to wear on me too…how long would it take to make the font size 2 sizes bigger? A day with 3 programmers? I still like the game but I hate when they take unnecessary shortcuts. Killzone was amazing on the vita and the engine barely needed modifying…I realize borderlands is partially open world which is going to blow through ram very quickly. But there is a way to do things right and the more I play the more I seem to dislike

  • Dan Martinez

    Sigh… killzone mercs is still the most impressive vita game. Game play wise its a solid 9 for me, graphic.. haha 10.. it looks better than a good amount of console games. * it runs smoother than killzone 3 and two and has zero jaggies.. *

  • Jei Han

    Kevin Dunsmore, at least you managed to reach that far.

    I couldn’t even fight the Boom-Bewm Brothers without the game freezing and the audio completely going out of sync! I can accept certain limitations such as the graphics being less wonderful and the number of enemies being whittled down (with the action taking a hit consequently), but this is just ridiculous.

    What makes this worse is that I’ve never really played Borderlands (or 2) on any of the previous consoles, but have seen amazing reviews and gameplay videos of it! Now I’m pretty much just turned off from the whole series…

  • me

    Got the problem of crashing in bloodshot stronghold 3 times in a row just now, have had textures stuff out also but that happened in PC version also. Don’t buy the game just yet wait a month or so till the game is fixed and complete, seriously if everyone has this prob then how could it be quality port, its like they didn’t even test it!

  • Raphg1070

    Hello all,

    If you encounter a lot of crash and you are not satisfied with the 2K games and playstation support like us then this info is for you!!!

    I have just started a petition to unify our voices to show that we are not just isolated subject, that we are really a lot to have issues! honestly for me it’s a really great and addictive game BUT in some case you are submerged by crash… And the different support doesn’t listen to what we are facing!

    so this is a link of a petition:

    Please if you are agree sign it and share it it would help us showing that we are not just buying machines!

    good games to everyone! 🙂 (without not too much crash ;))

  • Raphg1070

    if you encounter crashes please visit this website

  • mariospants

    I’ve experienced MULTIPLE crashes (I’m fully patched to whatever is the latest level), but none more so than at the Wildlife Preservation story mission. I cannot proceed!! I’ve played this level now 6 times and it crashes for no particular reason each time. The last two times, I was either right at or after Bloodwing, WHICH BLOODY SUCKS!! As a Borderlands2 fan with every version of the PC game and DLC plus a copy of the Xbox 360 version, I’m definitely not a casual fan. I feel ripped off and I really feel like I want my money back for the damn game at this point.

    Let me rephrase that for people wishing to buy the game thinking that SOME of the game is better than none: one of the main reasons this game is so addictive is that it rewards you for killing everything in site, exploring, and replaying. Rewards include leveling up, better weapons, and upgrades. You have no idea how incredibly frustrating and angry it makes you to play a level (gaining so much) just to lose ALL of your progress and upgrades because of a crash. Play the PC or console version instead.

    • sephirothpower

      yea me too for reach bloodwing boss got crash all time xD

  • sephirothpower

    im crashing like hell on this game D: the fault anyway is big map , i got many crash on biggest map , so just make more section load on map and probably this stop the crash , with dpc torque never got a crash for are small map , but i tink gear box didnt want job on the game , just copy and past on psvita system and GG lol . Now i write all problem i found , first open inventary = crash 100% on big map , stop sound of walking , crash many time if you run like a pro has i am so i cry for got crash any 2 min and have to restart psvita LoL , if you go slow too can get crash , gearbox just put a damn teleport to boss so i finally can farm boss without crash looks like a damn magickarp Splash attack :p , or reduce the size of map with more section load , on cut scene omg omg stop some time audio song or the talk got away from sincronize , yeaa i know my english sucks but , i have to say this for i tink , borderland are the best game in the world , so im really sad isnt working well on psvita , i love you gearbox thx for this beautifull game and hope one day can found a way to let work on psvita