Iwata Talks More about GamePad-Focused Titles to be Shown at E3, Miyamoto Involved

Earlier this week, during the Q&A session of Nintendo’s financial results meeting, Big N president Satoru Iwata talked up the GamePad-focused titles that will be shown at E3. Indicating that there will be multiple games on display, Iwata reported that they, “are designed to introduce players to the value of the Wii U GamePad by demonstrating playstyles only possible because of it.” He went on to state that each of these games has been developed internally and under the watchful eye of famed Shigeru Miyamoto.

Iwata further said that some of these titles are almost finished, while others are in their infancy stages; regardless, Nintendo wants to “demonstrate the titles’ core appeals” either way. Here’s a direct quote about these forthcoming endeavors:

Today I only spoke about Mario Kart and Super Smash Brothers For Wii U in terms of Wii U software, however, at the E3 event to be held in June in Los Angeles we will discuss other software as well. Also, at that time, we will introduce multiple games that are designed to introduce players to the value of the Wii U Game Pad by demonstrating playstyles only possible because of it. These titles have been developed by internal teams under the guidance of Mr. Miyamoto (Board Member, General Manager of the Development Division). The software titles that we will show at E3, which make use of the GamePad, will range from near complete titles to titles that are early in development, but will demonstrate the titles’ core appeals. We are preparing multiple software like this for the show.

So while Nintendo’s second-year absence when it comes to holding an actual E3 stage briefing is still a questionable move, it would seem that they’re not squandering the opportunity. What they have to show is a mystery, but it would be wonderful to get something Metroid, Star Fox and/or F-Zero related.