Moon Chronicles Launching May 15 on 3DS

As we previously reported, Moon Chronicles was set to make a big announcement last Friday, and we speculated we might finally see a release date and pricing info on the game. And, as we are the best name in gaming news, we are now even reporting on the news before it even happens because all of our prognostications were correct. It seems all those classes we took in reading tea leaves finally paid off. That, or there was really nothing else the announcement could be because of the way Renegade Kid director Jools Watsham teased the info.

Regardless of our soothsaying abilities, the game’s official Twitter has confirmed that it will see a May 15 release date and be priced at $8.99. Additionally, the game will see three different DLC chapters at $1.99 each. Together, the whole package will comprise all of the content offered by the original 2009 game, with the first swath of content also including 6 VR missions in addition to the story chapters. Stay tuned for our upcoming review, and also your winning lottery ticket numbers for next week.

[UPDATE 5/12 2:54 PM PST]

Check out the full details of the release here.